RR-N34L Ammonia Gauge

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RR-N34L Ammonia Gauge
RR-N34L Ammonia Gauge


Low Pressure Ammonia(NH3) Gauge:
- 4"(100mm), 304-Stainless Case and Ring.
- 2-1/2"(60mm), 3-1/2"(90mm) & 4"(100mm) dial sizes.
- Aluminum pointer with micro-adjustment.
- Stem, surface, flush mounting.
- Fittings: 1/2" or 1/4" NPT standard, JIS and BSP available
- Liquid fillable case.
- 316-Stainless steel bourdon tube and socket.
- Heavy-duty stainless steel bushed movement with overload and underload stop for 4".
- Pressure Limits: -30 to 175PSI (-76 to 175Bar).
- 1-2% accuracy for 2-1/2" and 3-1/2"; Full 1% accuracy for 4".
- All gauges are 100% tested to ensure leak integrity to 1x cc per second of gas at rated pressure.
- The glass window eliminates the fog that happens when plastic window is exposed to ammonia.
- The snubber screw is installed to protect pulsation and vibration.
- Red temperature scale is offered.



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RR-N34L Ammonia Gauge Low Pressure Stainless Ammonia(NH3) Gauge

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