RR-RC05Pro Portable Refrigerant Recovery/Reclamation Machine

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RR-RC05Pro Portable Refrigerant Reclamation Machine
RR-RC05Pro Portable Refrigerant Reclamation Machine


Portable Refrigerant Recovery/Reclamation Machine:
- Can be used in commercial refrigeration, automotive A/C systems and non-standard refrigeration units.
- For production line of air conditioning factories, automotive 4S shops, and on-site maintenance of small HVAC/R products.
- Large-wheels trolley design convenient for work site use.
- Integrate recovery, recharge, reclaim & vacuum functions.
- Easy to eliminate the foreign matter and air mixing in refrigerants; Purifying refrigerants to make them repeatedly reusable.
- Electronic measurements, accurate controls, automatic stop after recovery and recharging completion.
- 1/2HP Oil-free compressor capable of handling of various kinds of common refrigerants.
- Protection function with auto shut-off devices against over-voltage, overweight and overload.
- Large-power oil separating device is available.
- Optional choice configuration of fluorescence leak detection function and large-power vacuum pump available.
- With 40L tank for different working conditions.
- Other tank options are available upon requests.



RR-RC05Pro Portable Refrigerant Recovery/Reclamation Machine
Technical Information
Refrigerants R22, R32, R500, R502, R134a, R404A, R407C
R410A, R507A, R509A...
Compressor Motor Horsepower 1/2 HP
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Compressor Type Oil-free
Vacuum Pump 4 L/S
Recovery/Recharge Rate ≤1 Kg/Min
Scale Metering 100Kg±10g
Equipped Cylinder 40L EN13322-1 Standard