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RR-APS Series Pressure Sprayers

HVAC/Refrigeration & Plumbing Servicing Tools


Hand Carry Automatic Pressure Sprayers:
- For PCO and TCO industries: Gardening, flowers, vector & pest control, environment disinfection, pesticide spray, hormone spray..etc.
- SUS304 Stainless steel tank with brass spray valve and lance will provide years of reliable service.
- Padlock device: making you spray continuously without press.
- Sensitive trigger: easy shut-off and continuous spraying.
- Adjustable nozzle: spraying from fine to jet.
- Brass air valve: pull the valve to release the pressure after your spray. (Pressure gauge included.)
- Can be pressured maximally by a compressor and the air valve can release the overload pressure automatically.
- All-vinyl hose resists wear and corrosion.
- Shoulder strap included in each model.



Model/ItemVolume (LTR) Liquid Capacity (LTR) Lance Hose Working Pressure Valve Pressure Dimensions (cm) Inquiry
RR-APS5 Automatic Pressure Sprayer 5 3.0~3.5 P-05 (17cm) 7.5mm I.D. x 120cm(L) 4.0Kg 4~5Kg 36*Φ18
RR-APS8 Automatic Pressure Sprayer 8 6 P-03 (37.5cm) 7.5mm I.D. x 120cm(L) 4.0Kg 4~5Kg 44.5*Φ18
RR-APS10 Automatic Pressure Sprayer 10 7.8 P-04 (49.5cm) 7.5mm I.D. x 120cm(L) 4.0Kg 4~5Kg 56*Φ18

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