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ROCAIR Insulation Sheets (Black)
ROCAIR Insulation Sheets (Black)
ROCAIR Insulation Sheets (Colours)
RoHS Compliant


ROCAIR Insulation Sheets:
- Flexible closed cell insulation sheets with higher limiting oxygen index for higher fireproof performance.
- Approved by US FM and the best standard UK BS476 part 7/ part 6.
- Prevent the condensation, reduce the energy lost in the period of system life cycling.
- Materials are widely used in HVAC systems, pipe systems, refrigeration systems and industrial insulation projects.
- Particularly adaptable to insulate large pipes, ducts, tanks and vessels.
- Available in 36" x 48" standard sheet size, 1/8" to 1" max thickness.
- Please refer to the insulation products catalog in DOWNLOADS page for detailed product specifications.