mA HVAC Clamp Meter

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PROVA-A11 HVAC Clamp Meter
PROVA-A11 HVAC Clamp Meter


mA AC/DC HVAC Clamp Meter:
- Very High Resolution: DC 1mA/ AC 0.1mA.
- AC/DC Current (mA, A) Measurement: 6A / 60A.
- AC/DC Voltage(V) Measurement: 60V / 600V.
- AC current measurement: TRMS.
- Resistance, Continuity, Capacitance, Diode and Temperature Functions.
- Voltage/ Current Peak Value Measurement.
- 6000 counts.
- Auto/Manual Ranges for AC(mA), AC/DC(V), Resistance and Capacitance.
- One-touch Zero for DCA adjustment.
- 25mm Large Jaw Diameter.
- Auto Power OFF (30mins).
- Delta ( ) Functions w.r.t. hold value.
- Dual Display with back light function.
- Low Pass Filter (LPF, 1KHz, -3dB) for VFD measurement.
- 600V overload protection for resistance and capacitance measurements.
- Using K-Type Thermocouple probes for temperature measurements.



PROVA-A11 mA HVAC Clamp Meter