RR-1600 Safety Latch Set

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RR-1600 Safety Latch Set
RR-1600 Safety Latch Set
RR-1600 Safety Latch Set Drawing


Safety Latch:
- Material: High pressure die-cast zinc.
- Finish: Highly polished chrome plated.
- Offset: Adjustable heights from 45.0mm to 70.0mm.
- Action: Medium or Small Refrigerator Doors
- Specialty: The latch is absolutely safe. When the latch is locked outside, it still can be opened from inside. With the attached inside release bar pushing the lever hook plate to start the machinery and open the doors. No matter the latch is assembled with padlock, cylinder lock or the outside is depressed.
- Crime preventive design: The body and the catch can be screwed from both the inside and outside of the doors.
- Can be used for right or left-hand doors.



RR-1600 Safety Latch Set