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ROCAIR Insulation Colour Pipes
ROCAIR Insulation Colour Pipes
ROCAIR Insulation Pipes
RoHS Compliant


ROCAIR Insulation pipes use NBR as main raw material for foaming and become fully closed cell of flexible rubber insulation materials.

- Adopted the most advanced "gel" foaming technology.
- Low thermal conductivity, high moisture resistance and high fire resistance.
- May be slipped over pipe or tubing before pipe connections are made.
- Fabricate fitting cover from properly miter-cut pieces, snap fitting cover in place over the fitting and bonding with adhesive.
- Widely used in HVAC systems, pipe systems, refrigeration systems and industrial insulation projects.
- Available in 1.83M and 2M cut lengths.
- Please refer to the insulation products catalog in DOWNLOADS page for detailed product specifications.