RR-32MX Heavy-Duty Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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RR-32MX Refrigerant Recovery Machine
RR-32MX Refrigerant Recovery Machine


Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine:
- Heavy-duty 3 HP brush-less motor with spark-free design.
- Twin-cylinder oil-free compressor for ultra-fast refrigerant recovery.
- Works with A2L refrigerants: 134a, 410A, R32, R1234ZE.. including all common CFC, HFC, HCFC.
- Built-in condenser with enlarged fan provide high cooling efficiency.
- Overload Auto Shut-off Function.
- Auto-reset function.
- Large-size pressure gauge for easy readings.
- Color-coded meters with pressure reading PSI, BAR.
- High & low mainfold set assembly in the equipment with stainless steel ball valve for flow controls.
- Light-weight aluminum alloy frame design easy to carry.
- Used for VRV system, medium to large HVAC & multi-refrigerant systems.



RR-32MX Heavy-Duty Refrigerant Recovery Machine
Technical Information
Refrigerants 134a, 410A, R32, R1234ZE... Including all common CFC, HFC, HCFC.
Compressor Motor Horsepower 3 HP
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz / 110V, 60Hz
Compressor Type Oil-free
Vapor Recovery Rate ≤60 Kg/H
Liquid Recovery Rate ≤240 Kg/H
Push/Pull Recovery Rate ≤800 Kg/H